The Professional Gamer - July 19, 2019

Sorry about that late post last week: I was having trouble with Twitter plugin for Squarespace (now resolved), and just not been able to find the time to get things fixed and posted. And, of course that means that I haven’t had a lot of time to do fun things either. Instead, I was traveling for work, and then having meetings in several evenings. What did I actually do for fun this week? Played some D&D and finished watching Good Omens. Oh, and a little bit of watching Crystal play Dragon Quest Builders 2. Let’s talk about all of those things.

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The Professional Gamer - July 12, 2019

Hi all, hope you all had another good week. I spent some time this week with my friends on Deep Space Nine, but didn’t have a lot of time to do much else. I spent a lot of my free time this week catching up on weeding my garden and lawn. I had rather neglected things earlier this year. But, I know that isn’t going to be vary interesting to you, so we’ll talk about Star Trek instead. Of course, Dragon Quest Builders 2 came out on Friday, and while I’m not playing it myself, I have spent some time watching Crystal get started with it. So, maybe I can talk about that a bit too.

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The Professional Gamer - July 1, 2019

I had a bit of a stressful week with working, trying to get lots of reports out the door. But now it is the weekend, and I’m going to have some time to enjoy myself again. And by enjoy myself, I mean play a whole load of D&D. I did have some time during the week to have a little bit of fun during the evenings too. Mostly its been playing some Elite: Dangerous, continuing watching Deep Space Nine and starting out with the first few episodes of Good Omens. So, let’s talk about those things in that order.

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The Professional Gamer - June 24, 2019

Hi all. Very excited to be talking to you this week from what might be the first and last week of summer for Colorado this year. I’m joking of course, but this has been one of the coolest springs that’s happened in Colorado for many years. In the middle of last week we had some warm weather, up into the 80’s, and it felt like summer. Then, over the weekend, the daytime highs are limited to the 60’s with overnight lows going into the 40’s. This feels highly unusual! But, it means I’ve been super happy spending my time indoors writing a paper and playing some video games. As I write this post on Friday night, I’m planning to spend a good portion of tomorrow with my brother-in-law who will be moving away soon, and then spending the next day at Denver Zine Fest. I’ll have to let you know how that goes next week. Let’s get on with talking about how I spent my time this week.

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The Professional Gamer - June 17, 2019

Happy (belated) Father’s Day to all the dads out there. If you’re reading this post, I’m going to assume that you spent most of the day enjoying some video games with the kiddos. If not, I hope you found a way to enjoy the day in your own style. My only “child” is of the fuzzy variety, so I spent my day with my dad, father-in-law, and grandpa. During the rest of the week, I split my time up between Star Trek, Run with the Wind, and Breath of the Wild. All in all, it’s been a pretty good week, though I am still recovering from that time zone change. Let’s talk about some fun stuff.

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The Professional Gamer - June 10, 2019

I’m going to have a very short post this week. I was at Denver Pop Culture Con last weekend, but spent almost all of my time helping Crystal with her table. Then, I shipped off to Hawaii for a week of reviewing our construction plans for some road repairs. During the field work, I didn’t have a lot of time to myself. I did bring my 3DS and spent some of my time on the plane with Final Fantasy Tactics A2. I’m finally stuck in a place where I actually have to advance the main plot. All of the other jobs available to me are either too easy or too hard. I’m opening up a lot more classes to play, and hoping that I can start to find some really cool synergies.

That’s all I have to report for now. Have a look through Chris’s convention photos and let us know which costumes are you favorites. Until next time, have a great week and game on!

The Professional Gamer - May 28, 2019

Hi friends, thanks for reading. I’m putting this post together on May 24, but delaying it so that you have something fresh to read on Tuesday once you get back from the Memorial Day holiday. I think that make me a thoughtful person who cares about your entertainment and emotional well-being. Also, in the much more cavalier sense, it greatly increases the chances that this will end up in front of your eyeballs. I would be lying if I said that audience and reach wasn’t something that I think about sometimes. Anyways, let’s talk about some geeky stuff.

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The Professional Gamer - May 17, 2019

Hello, readers! I hope you’ve all had relatively good weeks and been able to find the time and energy to have some fun as well. Sometimes, I feel a bit like Nero, playing my violin as Rome burns. I maybe shouldn’t be so down about things, but it feels like there are so many people in power who feel a need to hurt other people. It disgusts me when folks in power are more beholden to a vocal minority than most of the people the represent. And also when they take rights away from those people. But, I suppose you aren’t coming here to read my political screed. Let’s talk a bit about what I’ve been doing to distract myself from the horrors of everyday life.

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The Professional Gamer - May 11, 2019

Hi readers! I went a trip this week, and unlike more times, I actually did some geeky stuff while I was away. I tossed my reliable old 3DS in my carry-on with the thought that I might play a little bit of Link Between Worlds. In the end, I got through most of the game during a couple of flights. Let’s talk about this great addition to the Zelda canon.

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