NDK is Near!

Good news anime geeks! NDK is this week and the schedule, map, and guide are all out for us.

2017 NDK Program Book
2017 NDK Events Guide
2017 NDK Map

I hope you all will be able to make it out to the Sheridan this weekend!

And a very important note, at least to me. The Japanese Voice Actors are having a Q&A at 10:00 AM Sunday in Panel Room 2. This should be a must see panel. Without their hard work, a lot of the stuff we have enjoyed may have never made it state side. 

The Professional Gamer - July 24, 2017

Hello readers! I spent last weekend up in the mountains away from such pesky things at cell phone reception and wireless internet access, which made it a bit challenging to put together an article for you all. Unfortunately, I also was doing field work last week, and was therefore kept away from my geeky pursuits. So, what did I end up doing in that last two weeks? Read on to find out.

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Denver Comic Con Wrap Up

Hi readers! In place of my typical Professional Gamer column this week, I'm going to post a wrap up discussion of my time at Denver Comic Con this year. I had a lot of fun and bought a lot of comics and other art. I also had the opportunity (with Chris) to play some video games that are being developed or published by smaller, independent companies. Click through to read more.

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The SNES Classic and Should I Care?

The SNES Classic and Should I Care?

A few days Nintendo accounced, unsurprisingly, that they would be releasing an SNES Classic system in a similar vein to the NES Classic. The new mini-console will include 21 games including StarFox 2, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Earth Bound. The system will also include 2 SNES controllers for a price of $80. The system is set to release this September and will run through 2017. That is all very nice, but should we really care?

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The Professional Gamer - June 26, 2017

Hi readers! In spite of getting drenched during my commute this morning, I'm feeling good about the weekend. I've got a giant pork roast in the smoker for my (belated) birthday party, and lots of friends over tonight to work on artwork and other projects. Life is pretty good!

The highlight of my geekiness this week was showing Kiki's Delivery Service to my brother's girlfriend. I think I have talked about this movie previously, but I'm always so delighted to show it to someone new. The themes of finding your passion and inner strength, moving to a new city, and establishing oneself as a person in a career. In addition, the new blu-ray version is great, with crisp, vivid colors. I'm regretting that I don't have some better to speakers to enjoy the remastered audio as well.

I'm looking forward to Denver Comic Con next weekend, but it will likely prevent me from getting my regular article together. I'm planning to write a bit on my experiences and the comics that I end up buying. Have a great week and game on!