Best Atmosphere of 2013

Do you prefer dark games? Or maybe something more lighthearted? While the writing tells the game the atmosphere make you feel it. If done incorrectly, the atmosphere can make a serious game into a comedy and vice versa. So here is our nominees for the best atmosphere of 2013.

  • The Last of Us
  • Gone Home
  • Dead Space 3

And this year we grant this award to The Last of Us.  The Last of Us was a remarkable game this past year as is evident with its numerous victories in some of our categories.  What makes The Last of Us atmosphere so enjoyable, is that it doesn't take the normal post-apocalyptic formula of a complete dust bowl.  There are lush greens and for being a post-apocalyptic game, the environment felt alive.  The sound design also contributed in making the atmosphere come to life.  Sneaking around with Joel in a dimly lit sewer and hearing the Clickers off in the distance still gives me chills.