Best Story of 2013

Story, it is the key part of any single player game. If a game is going to grab you and really make you think, it has to have a good story. Without it then there is almost not reason to keep going forward. With this in mind, here are our nominees for the best story of 2013.

  • The Last of Us
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Gone Home
  • No No Kuni

And the winner is, The Last of Us.  The story for The Last of Us is nothing short of amazing.  When we talk about stories in video games, a majority of the time we say: “This is a great story!  For a video game that is.”  Well, The Last of Us breaks this mold.  The story is fantastic, regardless that it’s a video game.  You could envision TLoU on the big screen, or read its story in a book; the story is that good.  The Last of Us embraces its characters and writes a dialog that suits each character perfectly, both major and minor characters, and crafts an engaging story from beginning to end.