Kämpher Review

What is Kämpher?  In our case it is an anime adaption of a manga by the same name and this is my not so flattering review about said adaption.

So jumping right in, this story focuses on one Natsuru Senō.  He is given a stuffed animal from the Entrail Animals series (think stuffed toys that in some way committed suicide or died horribly) by the love of his life, Kaede Sakura.  Turns out the new "toy" is actually a messenger for the Moderators (ooohhhh, spooky and ominous).  As the owner of this messenger Natsuru is turned into a Kämpher.  This includes the wonderful accessory of a blue bracelet, and it also turns him into a girl.  What?  Kämphers must be girls.  It is somewhere in the rules, they are sure of it.  So now we have a boy who turns into a girl and gets the ability to throw fire. Natsuru must fight red Kämphers lest he be killed himself.  At this point it seems like it can be a cool anime. Ah the misgivings of the uninformed mind.

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