Game Changing Moves (Literally)

Gaming has become a staple in most of our lives.  We live and breath it in our free time and social lives.  But it has seen its fair share of risks during its existence. has placed together a nice list of the 9 riskiest moves made in gaming history to date.  Some of these worked out, some of them did not.  After the jump I am going to place what they are.  See if you can figure out which failed and which succeeded. If you would like the reasoning for them you will have to follow the source link to the article on Wired's website.  Chris Kohler did write it first after all.

1) Atari sells out to Warner Communications.

2) Atari accidentally signs the rights to all of Namco's games.

3) The Sega Saturn

4) John Romero bets his reputation on Daikatana

5) Valve forces players to activate Half-Life 2 on Steam.

6) Nintendo sends Metroid to be made in Texas by Retro Studios.

7) Nintendo decides to go low tech in favor of new gameplay options.

8) Sony charges $599.99 for the PS3 at launch

9) Realtime Worlds bets it all on APB after making Crackdown.