Geeky Gift Giving Ideas

Well that cold nip is back in the air and as we head deeper into this winter season, we start thinking about what to get our more geeky friends and family for Christmas.  I know it's before Thanksgiving right now, but it doesn't hurt to think ahead and beat out some of the holiday rush with some gift giving ideas.  There's only 44 more days till Christmas, so it really isn't that far off.d8 Phone Charm from World of Dice

One gift giving recommendation I have are the interesting dice jewelry products found at World of Dice.  I recently got to meet the owners of this business at this past NDK convention.  I found the jewelry to be very well made with a wide range of colors and dice types.  You can get any of the 100 or so colors of Chessex dice in d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, or d20 die types in almost any of the jewelry products listed!  Talk about variety!

I made a purchase for myself of one of their phone charms.  The charm I picked was a scarlet d8, mostly because I like red and I often have characters that rely on the d8 for the majority of rolls.  As you can see by the picture, it's still going on strong nearly three months later.  I'm still very happy with my purchase as the price was very reasonable for the well made product and there is a lot of variation so everyone's can be a little different.  This would make a great stocking stuffer or group buying gift for your gaming table or general geek culture friends!