Are You An Addict?


Top 10 signs that you are addicted to World of Warcraft:
10. When someone says "wow" you immediately think of the acronym for World of Warcraft.
9. You dream about World of Warcraft, either as the actual player or observing like you would at the computer.
8. You have heated discussions with friends/family about who is better, the Horde or the Alliance.
7. You cancel real life appointments to raid with your guild.
6. You know what LFG, WTB, WTS, LW, L2P, MC, WOTLK, ZF, CATA, etc, etc mean.
5. People ask you who is your favorite team and you reply “The Horde” or “The Alliance”.
4. You named your cat Leeroy Jenkins.
3. For Halloween you want to be yourself.
2. Your best friend is your main.  Your good friends are your alts.
1. You run your weekly errands on Tuesday mornings.