Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Why Have You Not Seen It?

Hear Ye, Hear Ye; the most recent geek movie of the summer has been released and you, my fellow geeks, have disappointed me with your reception of this film!  Yes, it came out the same week as The Expendables, but it is week two; you should have seen it by now!  You have only allowed Scott Pilgrim to make $20,696,285 in two weeks and this is an insult to the film!  Why is this an insult?  It is because Vampires Suck has made $18,563,902 in one week!  Have people really let it come to this?  Well, I guess I need to place up a review of this must see movie for the geek community to try and get you out to see it. 

To start with, if you have a girlfriend / fiancé / wife you can swing this as a romance movie, so you could make it part of your date night.  The movie at its core is about Scott overcoming his past and the past of the girl he has fallen in love with, Ramona Flowers.  Scott's problem is that he has been hurt by his ex a year ago and cannot get over it.  His rebound girl (a year later) is a high school girl named Knives Chau.  He meets Ramona, dates both of them for a little bit, then breaks things off with Knives.  This is something that he should have done sooner, but at least it did it.  She did not take it well though, so that adds some interesting conflict in with the other battles.  Yes, I said battles.  If you had not heard, the past event that Scott has to overcome in order to date Ramona is defeating (not just fight, but defeat) her seven Evil Exes.  The fact that it is exes and not ex-boyfriends is very important.  Yes, it sounds like a flimsy premise, but it works well and it almost never slows down once the first battle starts.  Each battle also seems to start with a big VS. appearing on the screen, and with what type of battle it seems to be.  There are also other little nods to geekdom.  For example, each character has an info block that appears on screen for a minute when they are introduced, and when Scott defeats an enemy a point value appears. It made the movie really fun to have these various nods to geek culture sprinkled throughout. 

I don't want to spoil the movie, so I've given you just the quick and dirty version of the plot premise. Yes, you have figured out how the movie ends, good for you. But what I am not wanting to spoil is not how the movie ends, but the journey to the end of the movie.  That is the truly enjoyable part of this movie and why it is worth seeing.  Sure the ending is not a surprise, but that does not really matter? So, if you have not gathered yet, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  If you don't then you will not get to see it in theaters and we may not be treated to another movie like this for some time.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World cost almost $60 million to make and if it makes no money, they may stop making movies like this.  We have to put more support behind movies like this if we want to continue to see such titles make it to the big screen.  If you are still full of fail and do not see it at the theater, then buy it on Blu-Ray or DVD when it comes out.  What is that? You don't have a Blu-Ray? Then this is also the perfect time for you to buy a PS3 to enhance your gaming as well as movie viewing experience.  This movie, for its slow start but great journey, gets a Gameslave rating of 4.5/5.