Top Five Reasons Why Solid Snake Is Awesome

WTF?!?!  Three straight days and three straight posts by IrishPride?  You bet your ass!  Recently, ZeldaQueen bought me a Solid Snake pin from NDK and it made me think of why Solid Snake is such a badass!  So without further ado, I give you the top 5 reasons why Solid Snake is so awesome:Source Image from Creative Uncut website.


5. His name can be a sexual innuendo.

4. His bandanna screams, "Don't fu*k with me!"

3. He literally eats snakes, I mean seriously, what the hell?

2. His voice brings women to their knees, while striking fear in his enemies.

1. He can successfully hide from enemies in a cardboard box, nuf' said.


Who knew that hiding in a cardboard box can make you such a badass!  If you have any other reasons why Solid Snake is awesome, or not, post a comment right below!