NDK - AMV Contest Winner

The Anime Music Video Contest is one of the big events every year at NDK.  So for those of you that could not make it, here is a list of the winners.

Best Video Game Video
Castor Troy - Resident Evil 5 Reloaded

Best Action Video
Radical Yue - Pierce the Heavens (No Link)

Best Drama Video
Nessephanie - Ceasefire

Best Comedy Video
YTMND AMV : Fad of Princely Caliber

Editor's Choice Best of Show
Moonlight Soldier - The Friend Request

Judge's Choice Best of Show
Ileia - Rah Hey!

Category X and Viewer's Choice Best of Show
Kitsuner w/ Ileia - Blame it on the Anime (No Link)

Let's give these people a round of applause and remember to thank them for the time they put in these videos.  They are truly masters of what they do.