NDK - Attendee Interview

Here is another interview we did with one of the attendees and her friend at NDK. We transcribed this interview since we did the interview in the hotel cafe and wanted to spare you all from the cappuccion machine background noise.

Carebear: Ok, my first question how long have you been coming to NDK?

Lynnette: I have actually been coming for a total of 10 years. So I started in 2000 and it is now 2010. 

Carebear: How about you Josh? 

Josh: I am hitting the 11 year mark; yeah I'm old. 

Carebear: Wow cool.

Josh: Yeah, I'm old (laugh).

Carebear: Do you remember your first impressions?

Well goodness, I was 14 at that time so a lot of it was just really busy, but at the same time everything was really organized. Um, But I kinda enjoyed it because there were so many people and it was just a nice warm feeling around the entire place where you could just walk up to someone and say "YOUR COSTUME IS AWESOME" and they would would be like "Thank you" (insert cute sugary voice here) and you would be in a good mood. I enjoyed it and being 14 it was comfortable for me.

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