Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks-DS Review

Zelda with Link riding the Spirit TrainI wish I had started playing this game sooner!  A review on the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS.  I had received this game from IrishPride for Christmas, but since I was still abroad at the time and coming home in about 5 months, we decided that I would just get the game when I finally got State side.  

Well I got State side, got the game and then let it set for the past 3 months on my nightstand.  I finally decided that I really should play the game and see what it was all about and I'm very glad I did.  As I stated before I should have started this game when I first got it!  I'm over half way as far as general game play is concerned and I can't wait to finish it.  

So this is a game that has me enthralled and wanting to complete it which is something that has happened for awhile, so I insist on you checking it out!