Nintendo 3DS: What Does the "3" Represent?

After being blown away at E3 with Nintendo's new handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS, I couldn't wait for it to hit the shelves.  Well, Nintendo has officially announced the release date and price of the system. 

On February 26, 2011, the 3DS will go on sale in Japan and we can expect the North American release shortly after that, sometime in March.  While there is no specific date in March, we officially know it will be in March.  There were rumors going around when the device was actually going to go on sale, (most people saying March 2011 to begin with) but Nintendo put those rumors to rest.Nintendo 3DS on display at E3.

To many of us out there, the release date shouldn't be too shocking, since most of us in the gaming world figured the release date would be in March.  The thing that shocked me however, was the price.  Upon release, the 3DS will cost 25,000 yen or $300.  That's right, $300!!!  So now we really know what the 3 represents, 300 big ones.  You can check the full article here at IGN's site.

While the technology is bad ass; it's going to be hard for me, and I imagine a lot of people, to fork over $300 for a handheld device.  All that being said, I still will probably try and get my hands on one when it's released.  But when you stop and think of it, the XBOX 360 cost $400 when it was released, just my two cents.

Wait... I need those two cents to help save up for my 3DS!