Summer Wars Review

Ah the life of a lower level system administrator. You just have to sit in front of a computer doing menial tasks. Your life is simple and unless something is really messed up you don't have to worry about anything high level. And that is almost how is worked out for Kenji Koiso. Then a girl by the name of Natsuki Shinohara bursts in offering him a four day job to come help out with her Grandmas 90th Birthday. So he takes a break from the system admin thing to follow her out to the country. Once there he finds out that he is supposed to be her fiancée because she lied about having one.

The is all a very minor part in the story itself and while it works well in this series for character development, it is not what makes this movie good. Their are two main stages in this movie, the house of Sakae Jinnouchi (the Grandma), and the digital world of OZ. You don't need to know much about Sakae's house except that is where out main characters play out what is happening

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