Official Nintendo 3DS Release Date

The 3DS will be available in two colors at launch, Blue (pictured) and Black. Red will be coming shortly after.Nintendo just released an official date and price for the 3DS at their company's worldwide press events in New York and Amsterdam.  In an earlier article that I wrote; it was speculated that the price would be $300.  Thankfully it was exactly that, speculation. 

The Nintendo 3DS will be released in the United States on March 27, 2011 for $249.99.  While it's still pretty damn pricy for a hand-held unit, it's at least 50 bucks cheaper than originally priced.  Nintendo also stated that in between late March and early June (3DS release date and E3) the new hand-held system will have over 30 first and third-party games, not too shabby for about two months worth.

The Nintendo 3DS is on the horizon.  If you are able to see a demo of the 3DS, do it.  You really have to see it to believe it.  Also, good luck getting the funds to purchase it on release day!