First Annual Gameslave Awards


By IrishPride

Well, it's that time of year again.  At the end of the year and beginning of the New Year, everybody in this business looks back at what video games came out and which ones made our jaws drop.  This past year we were lucky to get some damn good games.  With every good title, you will undoubtedly find some stinkers, but it's my job to find you the best of the best.  So without further ado,  The Gameslave presents the first annual "Gameslave Awards".  Enjoy!

Special Achievements                               Genre Awards                                           

Best Story                                                            Best Action/Adventure Game

Best Graphics, Technical                                       Best Driving Game

Best Graphics, Artistic                                           Best Platformer

Best New Character                                              Best Rhythm/Music Game

Best Expansion Pack                                             Best RPG

Best Atmosphere                                                  Best Shooter  

Best Original Music                                                Best Strategy Game

Best Musical Score

Best Voice Acting

Funniest Game

Best Writing/Dialogue


Platform Awards

Here at The Gameslave, we like to do things differently.  With the following Platform Awards, I tried to select games that are exclusive to that platform.  While I realize that this cannot happen all the time due to cross platform releases, I will try my best.

Best PC Game

Best Xbox 360 Game

Best PS3 Game

Best Wii Game

Best PSP Game

Game of the Year