Best Atmosphere

 Limbo (Xbox 360)

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360, PS3)

Heavy Rain (PS3)

Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360, PC)


The production value of an atmosphere in a game can either immerse you within the world or put you off.  Some games have poor gameplay traits, but with a good atmosphere, many gamers will give it a try just to experience the feel of it.

The Gameslave Award for Best Atmosphere goes to Limbo (Xbox 360).  Limbo was a special breed of game.  There is no color to it, nor is there a musical soundtrack.  You main character is a little boy with glowing white eyes.  There is no story to push you along; you just continue for the sake of survival.  In video games the concept of death is prevalent.  Mario gets hit by a Goomba; he “dies” no big deal.  When your character in Limbo dies, you feel pity and sorrow.  There is just something unnerving to see that little boy get killed, in many gruesome ways I might add, and see his glowing eyes fade to complete blackness.  Limbo is truly the best atmospheric video game of 2010 and one of the best all time.