Best PS3 Game

Heavy Rain

God of War III

Red Dead Redemption



Unlike the Xbox 360, the PS3 saw a few more exclusive titles.  Having exclusive titles is only a good thing if the game is good.  It’s never a good thing for consoles to house crappy exclusive titles.  Was the PS3 able to crank out a superb exclusive title or was there a cross platform game that stole the show?

The winner of the Gameslave Award for Best PS3 game goes to God of War III.  God of War III was a great way to end the excellent trilogy featuring one of the best characters in all of video games, Kratos.  The transition of the series from PS2 to PS3 was flawless.  Fans were able to pick the game right up and jump into the world without missing a beat.  The fighting was as fun and fluid as it was in the past two games.  The graphics are top notch and the story, albeit a little on the short end, was well written.  God of War III is action packed, has great gameplay elements and is a great conclusion to the series.  PS3 owners should be grateful that they can own one of the best gaming trilogies in gaming history and the finale is at its best.