Best Rhythm/Music Game

DJ Hero II (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Rock Band 3 (Xbox 360, PS3)

Dance Central (Xbox 360)


For the past few years, the rhythm/music genre has really blown up.  Guitar Hero ushered in a new way to play music inspired video games.  We were lucky enough to see Rock Band come out with a new peripheral this past year, the keyboard.  We also saw a game come out where you can actually dance without a dance pad with Dance Central.  DJ Hero II improved on every aspect of the original giving us a nice musical selection to choose from.  This past year was truly a remarkable year for the rhythm/music fan.

The Gameslave Award winner for Best Rhythm/Music Game goes to Dance Central (Xbox 360).  This was a hard decision to make.  When debating who would win such a high honor, I actually had, at one time, picked all three of them to win it.  But I eventually decided on Dance Central.  Where Dance Central edged the other two nominees is the lack of a new peripheral.  When playing Dance Central, you don’t need anything to play it, just yourself shaking what your mama gave you.  It is extremely fun to cut a rug and even better to watch yourself during your “freestyle” sections.  When you have a gaming party, be sure to pull out Dance Central.  Everybody will get a good laugh and you just might accidently burn of some calories!