Best Voice Acting

Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360, PC)

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360, PS3)

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC)


A lot of games nowadays are void of voice acting.  Others have it, but do a poor job; I’m looking at you Dynasty Warriors.  It is rare to find a game that has exceptional voice acting that doesn’t make you cringe every time you hear the main characters voice.  The three nominated all have fantastic voice acting, but only one can win.

The winner for Best Voice Acting goes to Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360, PC).  The main reason Mass Effect 2 beat the other nominees is how polished every character was.  There was never a voiced character that made you feel that he/she did not belong.  Mass Effect 2 also had to create voices for more than just humans.  The different alien species that exist in the Mass Effect universe all had a unique dialect to them.  The voice acting was so well done that it made you feel more apart of the universe.  It would have been difficult to relate to the characters in Mass Effect 2 if there was no voice acting or poorly done voice acting.  The exceptional voice acting across the board, along with the voice acting of the different alien species, is why Mass Effect 2 takes home the Gameslave Award for Best Voice Acting.