Best Wii Game

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Golden Eye 007

Monster Hunter Tri

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Kirby's Epic Yarn


The Nintendo Wii doesn’t have the same issues as the Xbox 360 and PS3.  If you’re looking for a system that has the most exclusive games, the Wii is the way to go.  The Nintendo Wii had a really strong year in 2010.  Many of the games that were released reunited players with past characters that hadn’t seen action in awhile.  Wii was able to connect to some old school gamers while creating something fresh and exciting for new gamers as well.

The Gameslave Award for Best Wii Game goes to Donkey Kong Country Returns.  DKCR is one for the ages.  Fans of the Donkey Kong Country series were delighted to see its favorite characters return.  Gamers were also able to recognize some revamped levels of past Donkey Kong games.  New comers were introduced to some of the greatest gaming characters and were treated to some great levels.  That’s another aspect of DKCR that made it so fantastic, the level variety.  Every world is new and all the levels feel fresh.  DKCR is a masterful game and it’s a real treat to see Donkey Kong and his friends come back in such a strong fashion.