Conversations with IrishPride Episode 10

Hooray!  Conversions with IrishPride made it to its first double digit episode, I'll drink to that!  Welcome to Conversations with IrishPride Episode 10.  Today I am going to propose the question, "Am I broken?"
So confused, so very confused...Now what I mean when I ask if I am broken is that here lately, I haven't been having the urge to play video games.  In episode 7 of CwIP I wrote about all the cool games that I wanted for the next few months.  There was at least one game I wanted every week until the release of the new Zelda game.  Well, I've gotten a few titles (three), but nothing like I thought I would.  My most recent purchase (wasn't really a recent purchase since I had pre-ordered it) was Rage.  Obviously I have been stoked to play this title because I had pre-ordered it.  When Rage was officially released, it was ready already set to go on my computer.  Tuesday night 10/4 (release date) came and I did not play it.  Wednesday rolled around, still didn't touch it.  Thursday, I would definitely give it a go right?  Wrong.  Ahh, the weekend.  After a week of hard work I would be ready to kick back and play some games.  But I still didn't boot it up. 
It took me over a week to finally play Rage and I only played about an hour of it and got bored.  I wasn't bored because it's a bad game, I was bored for the sake of just playing any video game.  I started it up again the following day with a different mindset and ready for a long play session.  I stared at the menu screen for five minutes and hit the 'Exit' button.  I mean, I couldn't even get past the menu screen!  This pattern has been happening for the last month.  I've only played about two total hours of Gears of War 3 (one of my favorite series mind you) and I can't even remember what game(s) I had been playing before that.  So, I ask my fellow geeks: Am I broken?  What's wrong with me?  Why don't I feel like playing video games?  Maybe I'm just in a slump that I'll eventually break out of.  Maybe it's just that I've been doing what mere mortals talk about, "living a life."  Whatever is happening, it's freaking with my mind.  Maybe I'll have to wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic to get me out of this slump and if that can't, I'm scared for humanity. 
In any case, this has been episode 10 of Conversations with IrishPride.  This is IrishPride signing off and until next time, play some games for me!!!