Converstations with IrishPride Episode 9

Hello everybody and welcome to episode 9 of Conversations with IrishPride.  Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my last installment, but I refuse to let this segment die, besides, we're almost to double digits!  I have been extremely busy in my real life, but it also has been fantastic.  But you're not here to read about my personal life...or are you?
Anyway, today I'm going to talk about Steve Jobs.  I, like Assimilator, am not a Macintosh user.  I do own an iPod Touch, but I use that mostly for games and not music.  My primary music device is a Zune, which I love.  I also am an avid Window's user, but I would be a fool to try and state that Steve Jobs and Apple didn't revolutionize the way we see technology today.
People are saying that there are "Three Apples" that have helped shape our universe.  1st Apple: The apple with Adam and Eve.  2nd Apple: The apple that fell on Newton's head.  And finally, Steve Jobs' Apple.  While I would like to claim that I thought of this very clever statement, it would be a lie.  But, I would have to agree with the original poster(s) that these "Three Apples" are pretty significant in our history.
While Conversations with IrishPride is usually random and light on context; I felt it was important to give my respects to Steve Jobs and what he has meant for our future.  RIP Steve Jobs.
Until next time.