Conversations with IrishPride Episode 12

I'm Back!!!
Play how you want.
Hello everybody and welcome to episode 12 of Conversations with IrishPride.  It's been a strange couple of months for me for me not playing many video games, but I do believe I am back to playing games and it's all thanks to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  So for this episode, I'm going to give you my initial impressions to the game that got me back into gaming.
I, like many gamers out there, enjoy the open RPG world of the Elder Scrolls series and was eagerly anticipating Skyrim, even in my mode of not wanting to play video games.  Well, the wait is finally over and the wait was well worth it.  I pre-purchased Skyrim via Steam so I could have it pre-installed and I would get a chance to play it at 10pmMST on Thursday 11/10.  I booted up the game last night and was under way.
Like all the other Elder Scroll games, you start off as an unnamed prisoner and you select your race, create your character and name your toon, unless you want to stick with the default name of Prisoner.  This time around you do not select a class, since there are no classes in Skyrim.  Instead, you level up your character as you see fit.  Want to be a dual wielding barbarian?  Just continue to fight with one-handed weapons in each hand and you'll eventually level up your skills in that department.  It is great that Bethesda got rid of the class system and allows you to play your character as you see fit.  It's still slightly important to pick a good starting race since they all have different starting attributes, but it's not going to hinder you what race you pick in the long run.  Have you always wanted to be a Orc and be that silent assassin?  Well, now you can.   
The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! Err, I mean, the new Elder Scrolls is here!!!When I play these types of games, I always go for the stealth assassin character first.  I love sneaking up on people and killing them before they even know I was even there.  So, this time was no different.  I selected the Khajiit race (who doesn't like being a kittah?) since they are great stealth characters and was on my way.  After completing the short intro, I was ready to explore the beautiful world of Skyrim.  I absolutely love doing the Dark Brotherhood quests as well as the Thieves Guild quests.  I feel like a bad ass when I assassinate unsuspecting foes which draws me towards the Dark Brotherhood and being able to steal shit without getting caught, who doesn't like that?  But in previous Elder Scrolls titles, I also feel like a weakling when I'm forced to engage a foe head on.  With my limited initial game time with Skyrim, so far I don't feel this way.  Since I can use all weapons and all magic; I can choose how I was to dismantle foes.  I'm also not overpowered by any stretch of the imagination.  After I finished assassinating a bandit chieftain in an underground cavern; there were three hired bandits waiting to kill me upon exiting the cave.  There was no way I would have survived if I faced them toe to toe, so I danced around them shooting fireballs out of my right hand while I healed myself with a restoration spell in my left hand.  It took awhile, but eventually I was successful.
Even though Skyrim has just been released, I've already sunk 7 hours into it.  I could have already beaten the campaign of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 two and a half times!  I know I'm just scratching the surface in Skyrim.  I have yet to touch the main quest line as I am doing random miscellaneous quests that I received from talking to folks and exploring the world.  I'm still trying to find out how I join the Dark Brotherhood this time around, but I do believe I am getting ready to be joining the Thieves Guild here soon after I finish this certain quest line.  Speaking of quests, it sounds like Skyrim will have infinite quests which makes me salivate in delight.  In the old Elder Scrolls, once you finished the guild quests, you were basically done with the fraction, which made me sad since I absolutely enjoy doing the Dark Brotherhood quests.  Lucky for me, Skyrim will let me continue those assassin contracts essentially forever.  On there is an article that explains the there will be an infinite amout of quests in Skyrim which you can read about here.  But here is a snip it from it that has me excited:
"In addition to these minor tasks, Howard says you’ll be able to do extra work for each of the game’s factions, like the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild. Once you complete the scripted quest lines for each group, you can go to their respective hubs and pick up randomly generated missions to steal gems or assassinate shopkeepers across Skyrim’s massive world."
If you thought Skyrim already had an insane amount of quests to tackle, it sure looks like there will be tons more for us to do.  As a side not, there was one reader that replied to the Wired article that made me giggle in delight, so I'm going to repost it here.  Apparently the author was also eagerly anticipating the release of Skyrim:
-Doors deadbolted and trapped, check
-Phone flushed down toilet, check
-Plumber called to fix toilet, check
-Apology email to plumber for getting stuck in trap, check
-Microwave and fridge plugged in next to recliner, check
-$60 dollars and a gun if anyone cuts into my parking spot at the mall, check
-Adult diapers and extra large garbage bags, check
-Bengay for trigger fingers, check
-926 plausible excuses for work, family events, and holidays, check
-Apologize to Mr. Whiskers in advance for not paying attention to him, check
-House cooled down to 40 degrees to simulate Skyrim, check
-Heat turned back up to 70 because I'm a wuss, check
-Practice grunting and gasping for 6 hours, check
-Pace in front of Gamestop, check
-Attempt to hibernate until release via ambien and nyquil, check
-Visit emergency room to have stomach pumped, check
-Attend mandatory suicide counseling, check
-Write threatening letters to celebrities that I feel should have been voice actors in Skyrim, check
-Rage over the latest youtube fake promising me new screenshots, check
-Watch Cartoons for the next 36 hours, Checkmate
I could not have said it any better myself! How I wish I didn't have to work.  I want to go explore the frozen tundra of Skyrim.  I want to tackle the Dark Brotherhood quests.  I want to break into peoples house's and rip them off for the Thieves Guild while they are sleeping in bed.  That's right folks, the Elder Scrolls series is back and greater than ever with the newest iteration, Skyrim.  If you enjoyed any of the Elder Scrolls games, you'll fit right in here.  If you're a newcomer and love open world RPG's you won't find a better experience. 
Thanks for reading a long installment of Conversations with IrishPride.  Until next time, I can't wait for my first random ecounter with a dragon!