MW3 Releases

So I am in the 1%. No, not the financial 1%, that would be nice, but no.  I am in the 1% of people that are not super excited about Modern Warfare 3 coming out tonight at midnight.  But that does not mean that I don't respect the fandom.  I went to a GameStop by my work to take care of a preorder and found a line of 6 people.  This was A) 3:00 PM and the events for the night did not start until around 10:00 PM and B) It was about 45˚ F and dropping to an estimated 26˚F by midnight.  To me this a a great devotion of the fandom to the series and something that shows what it means to be true hardcore gamer.

So while I may not be playing the game tonight or tomorrow, I do salute you Moder Warefare 3 gamer. You are a true gamer and you help keep this industry alive so I may play the games I am looking forward to. GAME ON!

PS. Don't forget your Mountain Dew codes.  You will need the extra XP.