Dead Space 2 Review - PC

In space, no one can hear you scream, but a space station is an entirely different matter, which is where Issac has found himself. Three years have passed (in game) since the events of the original Dead Space, so let us do a quick recap for those that don’t know. Issac Clark is an engineer that was sent out to do repairs on the USG Isimura, a planet cracker space ship. His girlfriend is on this ship so this works for him as this is the first time in months that he gets to see her. He gets to there, finds everyone dead and is almost immediately attacked by an alien with long scythe like arms. Long story short there is a strange “marker” that is causing these things to be created and causes people to go insane. His girlfriend is dead (spoiler, sorry) and it is up to him to destroy the marker, which by the way is the religious simple of the Unitarians. He destroys it, escapes and lives happily ever after. 

Ok, that last part was made up...

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