For my Princess

A Gameslave Short for the Holiday

When the call goes out for a hero I seldom answer.  When the masses are in trouble I do not immediately go to their aid.  But when I hear my princess is in trouble I stir to action.  I travel from castle to castle only to find a toadstool in your place.  This does not deter me though, for you are my princess and I will save you.  I fight the enemies I make the jumps I defeat the koopas all for you, my princess.

And when I have to learn an instrument and traverse time.  When I have to enter temple after temple and solve their death traps I will do so without fail.  I do not do this for the gorons, the zora or the kokiri. I do not defeat Ganon and his evil plans for the better of the world.  I do it for my princess.

So when there is a danger, when the world is in peril, I am not the hero to seek.  But if my princess has been taken let me know, and I will cross the world, galaxies and time to rescue her.