Wii™ Totals 35 Million Consoles

So according to the NPD group the Nintendo Wii™ sold more then 454,000 consoles in February.  Why does this matter whatsoever?  This caused Nintendo to cross the 35 million console mark here in the United States on these console sales.  This is kinda impressive since they no longer have the distinction of being the only system with a motion controller gimick and so few good games coming out every year for it.  Heck the press release stated that the two biggest selling games for them was Donkey Kong Country™ Returns and from November 2010 at 554,000 units and New Super Mario Bros™ Wii from November 2009 which just crossed the 8 million unit mark.

Maybe since they are about the launch the 3DS we will see more attention paid to the Wii as they don't have to split their focus as badly.  We can only hope, but most likely The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword will be enough to carry them into the next year.