Still worth it be a Toy R Us kid

So the 3DS is about to come out, and at $250 clams it is not all that cheap.  But Toys R Us has your back on this.  On the launch day (03/27/2011) of the system if you buy 1 game you can get the second 1/2 off.  Not a bad deal for new games.  Many "Tru" Locations will have demos of the system as well.  You know, just in case you are on the fence.

According to source you will also be able to trade in your old DS for a nice new one, but this is not being recomended, and I would have to agree with their reasons.  The 3DS has a screen with a higher resolution, but this comes at a price to older DS games.  The games are either blown up to look fuzzy, or if you hold select and start while it boot the system will use the original resolution, which means you have a much smaller play area.