Sucker Punch

So I saw Sucker Punch today, and as usual it is a movie that I honestly find to be good. But since the geek population is far from the largest demographic in the world it is getting its ass handed to it in reviews. So for those of you not familar with the movie it stars Emily Browning as Baby Doll. Now, I don't know if this counts as a spoiler since it all happens during the the initial credits of the movie, but you have been warned. The movie starts with Baby Doll's mom passing away. Her sister and herself are (expectedly) torn up about this. Not torn up about it was their step dad, what he is pissed about is that he was not in the will. So he tries to molest Baby Doll, and when he fails she gets locked in her room and he goes after her younger sister. Baby Doll climbs out a window, down to the first floor in the rain, grabs a gun and attempts to shoot the basterd. This is where she gets a bit unstable. She misses and kills her sister. From here she is taken to the sanitorium (without killing the step dad first, which she really shoud have). This all happened in the first few minutes so it was not dragged out and got the movie off to nice start.  We have a setting and it did not waste even 1/4 of the movie setting it up.

So if you have seen any previews to this movie you know it contain amazing settings. The four fantastic vistas are fighting 3 demon samurai (or something similar), a war with steam powered clockwork nazis with a mech for support, battling orcs and a dragon, and attacking cybernetic terroists on a speeding train.  The CG in all these scenes is fantastic and each have a purpose. They are not just thrown in for eye candy, but they do accomplish that very well. The fights scenes are great, actually move the story along, and the fact that they are able to do multiple settings keep you from getting bored with them. 

Baby Doll is assisted in her escapaids by Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), Rocket (Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung). They are all trying to escape from the hellish place they have found themselves in. Anchoring them in these adventures is a Wise Man (Scott Glen). The Wise Man kinda keeps everything tied together. Something nitpickers will enjoy is the martial arts. When I saw it I had a friend that used to participate in martial art competitions. He was honestly surprised when the moves they pulled off where actual moves and just just wire-fu. I will say no more about this for I do not want to give the movie away, becuase then you have no reason to see it. I will not say this movie was perfect. There are moments where it felt a bit slow.  But these slow portions seemed neccessary to keep the story from being a toss away (and giving you a chance for bathroom breaks). If they moved from one action packed section to the next the impact of what they did would seem pointless.

Now if you are a guy trying to get their signaficant other to buy into going to see this with you, sale it to them on the female empowerment angle. I mean it is about 5 girls fighting a male based center of power.  So that works right? If they don't buy that but they are an audiophile take them for the soundtrack. It is a great mix of songs. All in all this is a great movie to add to a geeks collection. The visuals make it a must buy on Blu-Ray when it comes out. Also should you want to feel sorry for the masses that they brutalize, check out the Sucker Punch Video page on their site. So what are you waiting for? Go see the blasted movie.

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