Nintendo 3DS for $199 or less?

So, are you wanting to buy a Nintendo 3DS when it hits store shelves but don't want to drop $249.99?  Will you also have an older DS system that will get no love once you buy a 3DS?  Well, you're in luck.  Now until April 3, 2011, GameStop is promoting a 3DS Trade Up Offer.  When you trade your old DS system you will receive a credit towards a new 3DS.  If you trade in your DSi XL you will receive a $100 credit towrds a 3DS.  If you have a DSi your trade in value will be worth $75.  Finally, if you're like the majority and have a DS Lite, you will receive a $50 credit.  So, instead of spending the full amount and keeping your old DS system, you might as well head down to your local GameStop and reserve a 3DS while saving some dough.  Check out the full details to GameStop's 3DS Trade Up Offer here.