Portal 2 for PS3 Details

So Valve has been kind enough to give a few more details on how Portal 2 is going to work for those that purchase it for the PS3. Portal 2 is going to be the first of what might be many Steam Play games on the PS3. But what is this Steam Play you may ask? Well when a player starts up Portal 2 they will be asked to link their Steam account to their PSN account. This will allow their Portal 2 games to be saved to the Steam Cloud allowing access to the files from any PS3 (but not other consoles for a PC/Macintosh). They will also be able to access both PSN friends and Steam friends from the provided interface (hopefully free of megelomaniac AIs). You can even play cross platform in the co-op mode of the game. But what to do if you don't have a Steam account?  First I need to ask why you don't have a Steam account? Then you can just click a button in Portal 2 to get registered. They are making this real easy. Now you not only have a Steam account but you get to earn both PSN Trophies and Steam Achievements (if that is your thing). Lastly, and this is the part I think I like the best, once you attach your Steam account to your PSN account you can enter a code included in the box to play Portal on your PC or Macintosh. If this works as they hope this could be what starts breaking down the barriers of console and PC gamers.