Nintendo Announces an Announcement

So you have heard words that Nintendo is getting ready to BLOW OUR MINDS (or at least make the attempt) with a new console.  You have heard whispers on the wind that it is supposed to come in 2012. Nintendo, not one to disappoint, has sent out a press release stating that very thing.  This year at E3 we will being seeing not only the new console, but it is supposed to be playable! I am looking forward to seeing this awesome (so my inner child wants to believe) system in all it's glory this June, but in the mean time, SPECULATION!

Is this the basis of the new system? I really have no clue.

We have seen rumors that it may have HDMI output (it better).  Other gossip says that mixed in with the expected motion controls (you know they are going to be there) is a controller with a touch screen.  Can you imagine that means the controllers may then cost somewhere between $75.00 - $100.00 (pure speculation).  Thats means that if the system costs us $300.00 (again a guess) we can expect to be dropping $570.00 (plus tax) for a console, 3 extra controllers and 1 game.  And we will do so happily, and then ask for more from Microsoft and Sony. So here is to giving up my pocket book next year so that I may continue to have the world's newest gaming consoles.