E3 in Less then a Week

So E3 is next week, and I really have not said much about it.  Some of you may think this means that I am not excited about it.  That is a lie.  In truth I cannot wait for the biggest gaming convention in the states. In preparation for this people have asked me what I am looking forward to this year. My normal answer to this is everything, but giving it some thought I do have a small list.

Pure Fiction, Maybe1) Project Cafe- Nintendo's new system is going to be shown at E3 this year. So lets go over what we know about it so far. Well... Hmmm.  We know it is from Nintendo. We also know that it will someday have a game that features Mario. Beyond that it is all guesses.  It could be the MOST POWERFUL SYSTEM to date, or it could be 2-3 Wii's duct taped together. We have rumors of a touch screen controller, between 1 - 350 GB hard drive. In theory it will also have a nice new online system.  Good news is this is one of the first things at E3 we will learn on Nintendo's press conference Tuesday morning.



2) Star Wars: The Old Republic- This is not the only BioWare game on this list. I have been changing up MMOs recently moving from World of Warcraft to Rift, but I would like a change from fantasy to sci-fi.  I have been doing fantasy MMOs for a long time now and would like something different.  Hopefully we will get a release date out of BioWare for this long awaited game along with how they are planning to sale it.

3) Mass Effect 3- Who guessed this one? If you did not raise your hand go to the store and purchase Mass Effect 2 (you should play Mass Effect as well but if all you have is a PS3 your screwed).  In the trailer that was released for this game the Reapers have arrived, they are on Earth, and we are kinda screwed.  I have heard good things about the E3 demo that BioWare is showing so this is definitely something I want to play.

4) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- So if you have not noticed I have a thing for RPGs and games like them. That brings us to the next Elder Scrolls game. Elder Scrolls IV was one of the those games that you could play completely in 2-3 hours if all you do is the main story or for 50+ hours if you start doing the side quests.  It gave it something for everyone.  Here is hoping this year we can actually get in to see Bethesda's games.

Death, look for more in an upcoming Game Informer5) Darksiders II- So this game was just announced recently by THQ.  For those of you not in the know, Darksiders was a post apocalyptic game where the human race was dust or zombies. There was no salvation, no way to save, nothing. You play War, of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, who has to clear his name. The game was nothing innovative.  In fact it blatantly rips off several games and they admit it. But the thing that makes this forgivable is it was still fun. The easiest way to describe the game is God of War meets Zelda with a small dash of Portal. This time around they moved from War to Death. So here is hoping they have a nice display on this game at this years E3.

And that is by top 5.  So what are you looking forward to seeing news about this year?