Hail to the King Baby

In 1997 3D Realms started making a game. This game would win many a vaporware award and when the company tanked in 2009 the game was called dead. Little did anyone know a few months later the warlock Randy Picthford at Gearbox Software would perform dark magics learned in Hollywood (where else would you learn dark magics) and resurrected the fallen title.  This game is known as Duke Nukem Forever.  Now 14 years after it was concieved the title has made its way to the public.  Now I don't really have high hopes for this game; that will not stop me from playing it though.  The game is 14 years old (technically) so I will treat it as if it has the maturity of a boy the same age.  Also any company that is willing to stick with one title this long and not just scrap it deserves my time.  This will also be the first full title that I play on OnLive, so here is hoping this all works for the best.