Redbox + Video Games

So starting today Redbox gets Video Games, assuming you are near a Redbox that:

  1. Actually has video games
  2. Has the game you want

Now Redbox makes this very convenient.  If you hate Blockbuster and are tired of waiting a month+ to get the game you actually wanted from Gamefly this gives you a nice new option at $2.00 a day per game.  Plus with the number of Redbox machines that are available it will be a smaller drive then to the local video store (assuming they are still even in business). The downside is their stock is comparatively wanting as they do not have the the space to keep both a comprehensive DVD / Blu-ray collection and a big selection / large stock of games.  Combine this with a price at $2.00 a game it is still cheaper to hit at Blockbuster for anything you plan to play for over 3 days, while overall Gamefly is still cheaper on the per day scope of things.  But hey, more places to get games!