E3 Overview

E3.  The holiest convention of all things video games…and booth babes.  This year The Gameslave doubled in size going from two people that attended last year, myself and Assimilator, to four with my sister ZeldaQueen and Assimilator’s wife CareBear getting to attend.  

Just like last year; it was amazing, tiring and oh so much fun.  I have so much to write about this year, but for the sake of boring you all with a huge wall of text, I’m going to break up the articles into three sections.  Wait for it…Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3, I know very creative.  At the end of each game write up, you will find a Gameslave Hype Meter with my hype ranking.  The rankings go from 1 being “Oh, that game is coming out?  Could have fooled me” to 10 meaning “OMFG this game needs to be released yesterday!”  Without further ado, I present you with my E3 Overview.

Day 1

Day 2

                                                                     Day 3