Wowcrack free for 20 Levels

Wow, to think that 6 years ago a 10 day trial of a 60 day MMO was all it took to get people's opinions.  But now in a world of free-to-play MMOs a company that expects your money every month has to work harder to get your loyalty.  To do this World of Warcraft has extended the old 10 or 14 day free trial to an unlimited trial that allows you to get to level 20 without dropping a dime in their pockets. This means that you can get a mount while not paying for the game as well as experience a dungeon.  Heck if you are persistent you can even explore the WHOLE WORLD (minus Northrend)!

In addition to this people that have been with WoW for a long time (they defined it as Veteran Players) have been given a free copy of Vanilla WoW to give out. Will this be enough to stay the slow disintegration of their player base, or are they still screwed after 7+ years of gaming?  Only time will tell, unless the Bronze Dragonflight speaks up.