EA - Now your source for Plant based Zombie Repellent

The image is © Woody Hearn and is owned by him. Click to check out his site.You all know of Popcap games right? Well if you haven't heard of them and you are reading this site, welcome, though you might have some problems understanding the implications below.   Well, Popcap has been purchased by video game publishing giant EA Games for the small sum of $750 million ($650 cash and $100 million in stock options).  This gives EA a digital business worth $1 billion dollars and rockets them all the way to the #2 spot for Facebook games just behind Zynga (the group that has just about anything that ends with "ville"). So what does this really mean to the average gamer? 

Probably nothing more then having to see the EA logo when you start up Plants Vs. Zombies.  I don't see a lot of sweeping changes being made to a company that made millions with casual gamers. But I guess we will see for sure when the deal is expected to close sometime in August. But what does Popcap think about this?  Well lets take this excerpt from their site:

An open letter to all our players:

As some of you may have heard, we recently announced that PopCap Games is being acquired by Electronic Arts, a small mom-and-pop boutique software publisher. What does this mean for the future? It’s simple:

1.  EA is being rebranded to Poptronic Arts
2.  Sim Zuma: The SwampLife Edition
3.  Peggle: Dead Space – Bjorn’s Breakfast
4.  Bejeweled Battlefield Blitz
5.  Plants vs. ZombEAz: NFL Lockout Edition

Ok, not really.

It means PopCap will join forces with one of the world’s largest game publishers, giving us access to many more resources and a greatly expanded global audience. It doesn’t mean that PopCap is going away or changing what we do or how we do it. On the contrary, PopCap’s creative culture is the main reason EA was interested in us. We’re not changing our focus from creating awesome casual games everyone can enjoy.

So what should you really expect from us in the future as part of EA? More! More games, more platforms, more players, and more fun.

PopCap has been around for more than ten years now, and we look forward to bringing you great games for at least another decade to come!


Your friends from PopCap

Hmm, I kinda would have liked to see Peggle: Dead Space - Bjorn's Breakfast.