Conversations with IrishPride is back!?!?

IrishPride here to give you all a new installment of Conversations with IrishPride.  The long time readers of The Gameslave will recognize the segment because I introduced it a while back.  However, I never kept up with it and it died after only two or three postings /fail.  I am now trying to resurrect this segment where I just talk about random stuff for your reading pleasure.  

July, Week 3 

Russian Song stuck in my head! 

Recently I purchased a Nintendo 3DS so I could get Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and all the other awesome 3DS games that are on the horizon.  I never had a DSi, so I was amazed with all the games that are available to download via DSiware.  While there are hundreds to choose from, I just stuck with something I knew all too well, Tetris.

I downloaded Tetris Party Live to play some old school Tetris that I haven’t played since the original Game Boy.  When I first started playing, I remembered why I hadn’t played Tetris for such a long time, I suck at it.  Being the fool that I am, I decided I would try my hand at the multiplayer portion and compete against players around the world.  Yeah, I was taken behind the shack and was beaten, probably with a Tetris block. 

Why am I relieving these painful memories?  Because after a few hours of putting those damn blocks in precise order, I started getting better and better at it.  I even went back online to play against players around the world and started winning!  My overall score continued to go up with each passing victory.

However, there is a downside to all this success.  When lying in bed at night I see Tetris blocks falling down and I’m trying to put them in order.  I hear that Russian song playing over and over in my head and even hear it speed up when I’m getting to close to losing the level!Da, da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da, daa daa!

But, it’s worth it.  For the first time, I’m actually pretty good at Tetris and I am having an enjoyable time playing it.  In fact, I have already clocked over 14 hours.  So, long live Tetris, even if that Russian song is set to replay in my head.