Damn it Star Wars, I Don't Have That Kinda Money!

What the hell Star Wars? In one day you single handily destroy my future budget and don't even bat an eye! First thing this morning I find that Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially up for pre-order, and with three editions. First there is the Standard edition that comes with a color stone to change lightsaber and blaster colors for $59.99. Then you have the Origin only Digital Deluxe edition for $79.99 that has the stone, a flare gun, training droid for combat, HoloDancer, HoloCam and a STAP (vehicle). But you had to have a Collector's Edition that has all that, a Mouse Droid and a Store that only CE owners get access to. And that's only the digital goods, it also comes with all this:

Click for a full size image

It would be a no brainier for me to buy this, hell it would have already been pre-ordered if it were not for the price of $150!  Then after finally wrapping my head around this Microsoft adds fuel to the fire at the San Diego Comic-Con.  To sell more Star Wars Kinect games when they come out they created a special Star Wars themed XBOX 360.  The system itself is painted to look like RD-D2, complete with sounds and lights to differentiate it from its console brothers.  Follow this up with a C-3PO gold controller, a white Kinect and a 320 GB Hard Drive. I want this, but it is $449!


So thanks Star Wars, EA, and Microsoft.  In one day, ONE DAY, you have deprived me of $600!!!  I hope you are happy with yourselves.