Conversations with IrishPride Episode 3

Insanity is Insane!
Hello everybody and welcome to episode 3 of Conversations with IrishPride where today I'm going to be talking about a game that I love, beat and now am playing it again and enjoying it just as much, maybe even more.  I talk non other than the one of the greatest games evah, Mass Effect 2.
About a week ago, I got the undeniable itch to play Mass Effect 2.  I, however, wanted to play the first Greatest game ever? I think so I could change some story line issues I had with my main Commander Shephard.  My original Shephard that I beat Mass Effect 2 with the first time around was not exactly how I wanted him to finish in the original.  Wrex was dead (one of the coolest characters in the Mass Effect universe), had a relationship with Ashley (Tali wasn't an option in the original) and I didn't want to play Mass Effect 3 without Wrex being in the story nor did I want to have a crazy love triangle, not until my second playthrough of course :) 
As a result, I booted up Mass Effect and started out on my journey to fix my mistakes the first time around.  As I was playing; the more I realized how better Mass Effect 2 was and was really getting the itch to play it.  I didn't simply want to make a new character in Mass Effect 2, I wanted a Commander Shephard who made all the important decisions in the original transferred over to the sequel.  But, I didn't want to play the entire Mass Effect story to do this.  I thought I was in a bit of a pickle and figured I would bite the bullet and do a speed run of Mass Effect and have everything like I wanted and then transfer it over to ME2
Luckily, I didn't have to do this because I never realized that there is a dlc where Dark Horse created an interactive Mass Effect comic where you go through it and make all the important decisions of the original and it will impact the story in ME2 and later in ME3.  Huzzah!  I don't have to play the entire ME again and can have Wrex alive and have no open relationships to worry about. 
 Wrex. Yes, he is a badass.
Starting up ME2 I didn't know which class I wanted to play as this time around.  In my original completion, I was the soldier and enjoyed it immensely.  I wanted to try something new and I literally went through all the classes and still couldn't decide.  I almost selected the soldier class again, but went ahead and stuck with the infiltrator class (I do enjoy sniping), set the difficulty to Insanity (figured might as well beat it on the hardest difficulty) and started my new Shephard with the way I wanted to end it in the original ME. 
Boy, when there is a difficult setting that is called Insanity, it is truly insane.  But after I got the hang of things with my new class and how enemies act, I have found that the Insanity difficulty level is a much more enjoyable experience than Normal.  I have to actually stop and think about a strategy for those tricky encounters instead of just running in there and let my squad do what they want.  I have to tell my squad where I want them stationed and tell them what powers I want them to use and at what times, a very worthwhile experience.
So here we go again.  Getting hooked into a game I have already beat and am enjoying it even more than the first time.  I've already sunk 60+ hours into ME2 and have a feeling there are many more hours that are going to be devoted to it.  Besides, I still have to create a renegade player.
Well that does it for Episode 3 of Conversations with IrishPride.  Be on the look out for episode 4 coming in the near future.  Until then, my name is IrishPride and I'm addicted to Mass Effect.
~IrishPrideMe playing Mass Effect 2, I am an addict.