A Long Road comes on an End

This has been a long road for Sony.  As many of you know, the PSN was shut down worldwide in April.  LulzSec took responsibility for the intrusion and the system stayed down for about a month ... for most the world.  Now as of 07/06/2011 the PSN will be coming home.  Japan was not included in the reactivation of the PSN in May as was Europe and the US. The business heads in Japan wanted to be absolutely sure that everything would be secure when they returned access to their country, mostly due to demands placed on them by the government and credit card regulators.  These requirements included preventative measures (even though what that actually meant was not disclosed) to ensure the security of the new Sony PSN system.  They also wanted to know how Sony plans to get their way back into our hearts after having our trust shattered so brutally.

But now the PSN will be back to full strength.  Too bad for Sony though.  Between the breach and the shutdown of the PSN Sony lost an estimated $170 Million dollars.  I have a hard time even imagining that number let alone losing it. One good thing might come from this, until we all turn into lazy bastards again brick and mortar stores might see some additional traffic for people to buy game cards instead of using their Credit Cards on game systems.