PS3 - Now Cheaper

Today Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 has been reduced in price to $249.99 (they also had similar price drops in Europe and Japan).  They did this seemingly out of the blue at Gamescom today. There were no lines like, "price drop in 2 weeks" or "we are going to drop the price but we are not saying to what".  The announcement came and was made effective today.  Is this the same Sony that could not keep the PSPGo a secret over a year ago?  But what does this mean to the poor sap that recently purchased a PlayStation 3?  That means if you want to save $50.00 you can return your recently purchased PlayStation 3 and get a new one at the new price.  But you will lose all your game saves you may have, and those can be more precious then life itself!

Thanks Amazon, cause that $0.99 was a real deal breaker for me.