Pre-Registration Ending Soon for NDK

It's closing in on being that time of year for the Rocky Mountain region con attendee! The largest anime convention in the area, Nan Desu Kan is fast approaching its pre-registration deadline.  If you are in the region and are thinking of attending, then I suggest you head over to their registration page by following this handy link here.  There seems to be a little bit of conflicting information on their site, but my guess is that the pre-registration ends on August 14th and not the 16th, so you have roughly 12 days to get your 3-day badge for the discounted price of $40 versus $50 at the door.  Also the sooner you buy the better as NDK is implementing an attendance cap this year.  Those of you who drag your feet might end up disappointed.  Plus think of the extra benefit you get to go into the dealer's room an extra hour early before everyone else, so for the collector it's so worth it!  For those of you who are attending, keep your eyes peeled for those of us from the Gameslave.  We will be wandering around, attending panels, taking pictures, asking questions, and giving out original goodies designed by me, ZeldaQueen.  We look forward to seeing you all there September 9th - 11th!