Game Over - inFamous 2

Game Over is a new article series that I am going to try and keep up with. This article will happen after I beat a game and will happen sometime after the review goes up. Due to the spoiler filled content of this section it will always happen after the jump. This section will include my thoughts on the games I finish.  This edition of Game Over is going to focus on the endings of inFamous 2. So if you too have beat it, or don't mind the spoilers, click the link and let me know if you agree with me or not.

So let's get to it.  During the whole of inFamous 2 you have Kuo and Nix.  Kuo was the angel on your shoulder, always the voice of reason and the person that was most likely to try and save people.  That makes Nix the devil.  She was the one that would have you win at any means neccesary.  This is true for the whole game, until the end.  See you have been working all game getting blast cores to charge the Ray Field Inhibitor (RFI).  Once you start to charge it you find out a small side effect that you were not aware of.  The RFI does not just remove Ray Field energy, it will kill all conduits when it is used (this means Kuo, Nix, The Beast, and yourself), but can cure the plague.  At this point you have two choices.

First there is the good choice. You can have the RFI fixed, finish charging it, then use it to rid the world of RFI radiation.  This will cure your best friend, and millions of people around the world. Which is the path you follow Nix on.  The evil becomes good on this final choice, but that may be due to the fact that The Beast killed Nix's babies (swamp monsters she friended).  During this battle Zeke helps you set up power stations that can be used to charge the RFI the rest of the way, which Nix is a vital part of.  During the battle you have to knock out Kuo and fight the Beast before he can destroy the whole city.  Eventually Nix gets killed, you finish charging the RFI, and knock out The Beast.  Then right before you use the RFI, Kuo shows up.  She is broken up about Nix's death and admits that she is just scared about dying, but begs Cole to use the RFI now.  She realizes that Cole and Nix made the right decision.  Using the RFI does indeed kill all conduits world wide, Cole included.  But it saves millions that have the plague.  This also make Cole the hero, and some would say patron saint of New Marais.  The game ends with Zeke giving us the wrap up, and him going out to sea with Cole in a coffin.  This way he can say goodbye to his "brother" alone.

This ending is the one I went with.  I will be honest, I like to be the hero in games.  I like saving the world and being liked.  It also felt like the most epic ending to me.  The world was in chaos, and then I showed up.  In less then a week I ended the rampage of something with almost infinite power and cured millions.  And while I am dead, it does end with a lighting bolt potentially hitting the boat where Cole was.  Does this mean we will have an inFamous 3 from the good story? Since Cole can be viewed as just a human battery, maybe all he needs to come back from death is a good charge?

So that is all for the good ending.  Now we have the evil ending, where Cole follows Kuo to work with John (The Beast) to activate conduits world wide.  An active conduit is immune to the plague after all.  So all Cole has to do is activate them in order to cure them.  Too bad that doing this also kills all non-conduits in the area.  This is the path where Cole gets to live, but at a great price.  In this ending Nix steals the RFI in order to try and stop The Beast.  Cole rides with John to the center of the city to set of a large ray field blast, killing all normal humans and activating all conduits.  Nix uses the RFI to stop John in his tracks, until Cole defeats her to the point where she runs off, and then repeats further along.  Eventually Cole kills Nix so she will stop using the RFI.  This is followed by Zeke showing up with a hand gun.  He tells Cole that he has to at least try, and then shots him.  He hits, but it is not enough to stop Cole.  At this point, you (being Cole obviously) kill his best friend, and then smash the RFI.  Kuo and John show up at this point.  John is tired of death though, but he believes in this mission.  He should be dead, and wants to rest. Knowing that Cole will finish the job he grants all his power to him.  Now Cole and Kuo go around the world activating the 1 in 1,000 conduits to save their lives, and kill all the humans.  Cole is now the Beast that he was originally set out to stop.

Now I did not play the evil route, I watched it on YouTube.  Xavier001 (he wrote the review) went the evil route. I can see why Cole may choose this route.  Hell for the most part I felt it was 50/50.  But as the character I could not turn my back on my best friend.  I wanted to save Zeke.  So this choice was basically a death sentence to him.  Then I find out you actually kill him, slowly at that.  You zap him like 4 or 5 times to take him down, so that is painful as well.  WHAT THE HELL COLE!  Zeke has had your back the whole game.  Sure he betrayed you in the first game, but he has made that up to you.  I felt he made it up during the fight with Kessler.  But no, you just had to kill him yourself.  Their are only two positives to this.  One is you are still alive for an easier sequel.  But then again you are all powerful so what sort of threat are you going to face that will prove a challenge?  Two, Kuo is by your side, so you get to have a relationship with her.  I still do not think this is worth it though, as you are still the direct cause to Zeke's death (no, I will not get over it).

So what did you think about the end of inFamous 2?  Do you agree with anything I said?  Or do you have a completely different opinion?  Sound off in the comments and let me know.