Conversations with IrishPride Episode 6

That's the power of love...err, choice!


Hello everyone and welcome to Conversations with IrishPride Episode 6.  Sorry I missed last week, had something come up, but now I am back and ready to babble!
Can a game that's a prequel to another one that was released over a decade ago be good?Today I'm going to talk a little bit about Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  This is not going to be a review of the game, just some of my initial impressions of it.
First off, it's not very often I buy a game on the day that it's released and it's even rarer when I pre-order a game.  Well, I pre-orderd Deus Ex: Human Revolution because I had high hopes for it and thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.
When I first booted up Deus Ex, I was really looking forward to the overall atmosphere.  I like science fiction games, but I'm tired of all the sci-fi games that are simply based on killing aliens.  Well, Deus Ex has a great mood to it.  The setting is 2027 and it's not way out in left field, like other games can be.  You can actually see this type of future happening in real life which makes Deus Ex that much more engaging.
Secondly, a lot of games tell you that you have full choice on how you want to approach each mission.  When, in the end, it feels like you were still pushed in one certain direction to get the mission accomplished.  Already putting 8+ hours into Deus Ex I can state that you truly have your own choices on how you want to beat a mission.  Well, that is except for the bosses.  Being a fan of stealth, I obviously have approached my gameplay as a stealth agent that sneaks by guards or take them down with hand to hand combat, I really don't rely on guns.  However, when you fight a boss, you have no choice to use stealth maneuvers and have to defeat them with guns blazing.  It's disappointing that you can't have Adam Jensen looks like a badass, but is he really one? Answer: Yes.the same choice options you have throughout the game during the boss battles, but it's not a deal breaker.  It's awesome to think outside of the box in a game to get your mission done.  I like not feeling pigeonholed and having only one path and one option to finish the game.  I'm already looking forward to my second playthrough as a badass gun totting s.o.b. that will shoot first and ask questions later and I haven't even finished my first playthrough yet!
There are tons of games out there that claim you have the choice to play the game as you see fit, when in reality, you really don't.  Deus Ex: Human Revolution truly gives you the feeling of choice and the dark gloomy atmosphere of Detroit 2027 really gives a futuristic approach to what we may actually see in real life.  The combination of a great atmospheric mood and the true options of choice really makes Deus Ex an exciting story to unfold.  Thanks for not disappointing me Deus Ex.  I'm still not sure if I'll pre-order more games down the road but at least this time, it didn't bite me in the ass.
Well, that will do it for episode 6 of CwIP.  I'll see you next time.  Until then, remember, you have the power of choice!  Whatever that means.  Game on!