Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword Bundle Release Info

Image courtesy of gonintendo.com Check out their site for the full press release by clicking the imageNintendo has just announced details concerning their up and coming Legend of Zelda release.  As stated earlier, the release date is official November 20th.  At that time of release, Skyward Sword will be sold in a limited-edition bundle including the game and a gold Hylian styled Wii Motion+ Controller for the price of $69.99.  This is a very good deal as you get the Wii Motion+ controller for only $20 with the game.  It's useful for those of us like me, who haven't made the plunge into buying one of the new controllers. 

Nintendo is also including a special treat for everyone who buys an initial production copy by inlcuding a bonus CD containing the 25th Anniversary soundtrack as performed by the symphony this fall.  So not only do you get the game, you also get a fully orchestrated soundtrack of the past twenty-five years of classic Legend of Zelda music.  And for those of you not interested to purchase the bundle, never fear.  Skyward Sword will also have just a game disc release for $49.99 and will also include the music CD for the initial production run.

I don't know about everyone else, but I for one am excited and am really looking forward to this game.  I'm going to have to go and see who I can do a preorder from so I can get that controller with the game.  It looks really nice and it's a good buy for me.  I'm also really digging the official cover box art for the game.  I know there has been talk about the game's esthetic, but I really do like the water color look of the illustrations and game.  It makes it feel classic and timeless like an epic story.  Just a couple more months to go at this point and I can't wait.