NDK 2011 - Assimilator's Impression

Nan Desu Kan 2011 recently happened here in Denver, and we here at The Gameslave attended to report on the convention.  So here I give you my experiences with the biggest anime convention in the Rocky Mountain region.

Opening Ceremonies

We started things off by going to opening ceremonies.  This actually really helped set the tone for the rest of convention.  The energy that the convention directors exuded helped get everyone pumped for the weekend.   We were introduced to the our guests which included Chris Cason, Clarine Harp, Jamie Marchi, Leah Clark, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Michael Sinterniklaas, Patrick Seitz, Stephanie Sheh, Todd Haberkorn, Tony Oliver, Vic Mignogna, Kevin McKeever, Steve Yun, and Tommy Yun.  They all mentioned how excited they were (at least the ones that were in the room) to be at NDK this year.  A few were even returning guests such as Patrick Seitz and Vic Mignogna, so we must be doing something right.  The only thing that gave me pause was when the guests started to praise Casa Bonita.  I have been there and I had to wonder if they actually ate the food they ordered, or just ate the unlimited sopaipillas and watched the cliff diving?  Patrick did look good in the sombrero though.

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